ANUTEC BRAZIL 2016 event partners

Besides the exhibition you are invited to enjoy the high-quality ANUTEC BRAZIL event programme presented by our well-noted institutional partners:

ITAL - Food Technology Institute


ITAL was founded in 1963 and has his office in Campinas in the state of São Paulo. The institute focuses on conduct of researches, development of technology and products, technological assistance and innovations in the areas of food and beverage packaging, security and processing. At ANUTEC BRAZIL, ITAL will cover the topics meat, dairy and packaging trends in Brazil.

Avenida Brasil, 2880
13070-178 Campinas, SP

itt Nutrifor – Technical Institute of Food for Health

ITT Nutrifor

itt Nutrifor is part of the Unisinos University in São Leopoldo in Rio Grande do Sul and dedicated to the understanding of the complex relationships between food, nutrition molecules and human health. The main strategy is to provide the food production sector with science and technology services.

At ANUTEC BRAZIL, itt Nutrifor will cover topics in the fields of biotechnology, food development, clean labeling, functional ingredients and human health.

Caixa Postal 275
São Leopoldo, RS

SENAI – National Service for Industrial Training

SENAI – National Service for Industrial Training

SENAI develops various professional training programs for the Brazilian industrial workers. It works on federative basis and in every region of the country.In ANUTEC BRAZIL, SENAI will cover the topics of refrigeration and innovation for the food industry and also of trends in the field of processed foods.

Candido de Abreu, 200
80530-902 Curitiba, PR

FGV – Getúlio Vargas Foundation


FGV is a private institution in Brazil and academic partner with many renowned institutions in the world. The foundation bases on decades of experience in innovation, research economic consulting , law, applied mathematics, social sciences and administration. As a leader creation and improvement of ideas, FGV contributes to national and international development. At ANUTEC BRAZIL we welcome – among others – the Coordinator of the FGV Agribusiness Center, Special Ambassador of FAO for Cooperatives and President of LIDE Agribusiness Roberto Rodrigues as keynote speaker.

Avenida Paulista, 1294
01310-100 São Paulo, SP